Systems integration


Good team is a team which understands one another perfectly, therefore, before each important tournament its members go to a training camp. Thanks to this, they have a chance to know one another well and start to understand one another both on a pitch and outside it. Such integration brings amusing results – the coach’s one gesture suffices during the match that each of the players receives a message, interprets it according to the arrangements coherent to the team’s strategy and takes action. Communication between particular IT systems in the organisation is equally important – one message sent should be received and interpreted by the receiving system without a necessity of sending the same information many times.

team huddle6

At present almost every organisation uses more than one IT system. Effective communication between them is a key need whose satisfaction can considerably influence work effectiveness of the whole company. Moreover, systems integration provides a possibility of information exchange with clients or external partners’ systems.



Systems integration not only consists in activation of communication mechanisms and exchange of data between the systems but also in an analysis, modelling and management of the company business processes. IT systems integration causes receiving coherent business data and that directly influences the company effective management, smooth information exchange and easy access to the data collected.


We help create a thought out systems integration reducing costs and increasing efficiency of the already possessed IT environments. Systems integration gives a wider, actual image of the whole enterprise through constant access to information flowing between the existing systems. It helps optimise business processes through the improvement of data exchange between the systems and integrate its software with the external partners’ systems.

Systems integration made by Uniteam enables:

  • to build an effective, safe and homogeneous IT environment (for any number of systems), providing fast access and reliability, efficiency and completeness of management information,
  • performance of integration works according to SoA standards,
  • faster release of new products and services.