Solutions based on Atlassian JIRA


Mountain climbing is a sport which requires not only perfect physical condition and skills but also a specialist equipment. Conquering many summits would not be possible without lines, harnesses, a helmet or good shoes. It is similar in IT tasks or projects management – the team competence is as important as the tools which allow for their management.


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Tasks and projects thought out management is an integral element of the company’s efficient operation. The organisation’s surroundings which is dynamically changing requires flexible solutions that can be regularly modified together with changing needs. Efficient tools which will improve the team’s work and ensure smooth communication are necessary here.


In its basic form Atlassian JIRA enables tasks management and teams work planning. The application checks out not only at IT projects performance but also at projects in which the task goes from the highest to the lowest level of the organisation. JIRA is an open tool – it does not impose any work methodology and we can adjust the application to individual needs, using the possibility of installing ad-ons.


We design multilevel configurations of the tool according to individual preferences in our own solutions, based on Atlassian JIRA. Well-configured JIRA enables, among others, its adjustment to the organisation work methodology, selection of a reporting tool or tests coordination. We extend functionalities of JIRA application basing on an abundant library of ready plug-ins and independently create custom plug-ins which enable to meet expectations perfectly. Up to now we have created over a dozen unique extensions improving everyday work in our clients’ teams.


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Solutions that we implement allow for technical documentation creation, knowledge and team work management. Atlassian JIRA possesses an interesting range of accompanying tools – among them, e.g. Confluence which enables knowledge repository creation should be mentioned. In organisations having a complex structure of systems, regular aggregation of software creation history, changes implemented or errors occurred is recommended. In case when an experienced specialist leaves the team, no repository can cause continuity impairment in knowledge cycle and even a temporary paralysis of works performance and financial loss related to the downtime. Thanks to knowledge aggregated in one place, the specialist who joins the team can quickly trace works history and smoothly familiarise himself/herself with new obligations. There is no need to prepare many separate documents, notes, descriptions or files – all is accessible in one place.


Thanks to Atlassian JIRA, the management has a convenient access to information valid from the perspective of achieving the project success criteria such as lists of costs, laboriousness or particular employees project engagement. It has a possibility of controlling the progress of tasks performance, time designed for their performance and work effort put in the whole project.


The most significant assets of solutions implemented by us based on JIRA are:

  • scalability – the tool can be used both by small teams and large organisations,
  • extensions – a possibility of adding ready functionalities and creating own ones,
  • openness for integration – JIRA is open to integration with diverse systems with the use of REST API,
  • transparency of works performed – all information on works performed are collected in one place.