DevOps Assessment


Football is a brutal sport – one who has watched a match of an English league at least once knows that fair play rules are not treated seriously by those teams, to put it mildly. Players play foul with a smile on their faces and do not care about the referee’s whistle or colour of cards raised. All in the name of a higher idea that is the team’s victory, is it? Team games are based on cooperation, reciprocal support and good communication after all. Cooperation of development and operations teams in IT departments often looks like a match full of fouls – and what if Development and Operations played in one team and had a common goal?


Basic RGB

DevOps approach changes the way of thinking about IT departments operation in organisations. The assumption is simple – we join efforts of development and operations teams (Development and Operations), basing on close communication and reciprocal commitment. We receive a shorter preparation time of IT solutions with a simultaneous improvement of quality. It is possible thanks to the improvement of the key processes supported by infrastructure and processes configuration automation as well as effectiveness constant control of changes implemented. These should be implemented smoothly and without sudden changes in the working way not to cause even a temporary decrease in effectiveness. Therefore, it is important to prepare a thorough action plan for the purpose of DevOps practices implementation in an orderly, thought out way maximising the profits.


Examine your present possibilities and create a coherent plan of IT improvements


DevOps Assessment assumes preparation of such a plan on the basis of jointly determined Client’s business objectives. For each objective we define initiatives which allow to gain it and determine rates allowing for control of the level in which the objective is gained. Business objectives might concern, for instance:



However, before we determine and implement initiatives we thoroughly learn the current way of organisation activity. We begin DevOps Assessment from an analysis of an organisation maturity conducted on the basis of DevOps Maturity Model. It comprises four areas: plan/measure, development/test, release/deploy, monitor/optimize. Within DevOps Assessment basing on the Maturity Model mentioned, we assume:


  • the organisation DevOps maturity analysis during which we determine business objectives through meetings with the management and workshops with specialists,
  • preparation of Assessment proposals that are: maturity assessment, initiatives identification, effectiveness rates proposals, recommended changes implementation plan,
  • Assessment results presentation.


Thanks to DevOps Assessment you can:


  • understand your present possibilities properly and determine readiness of your IT department for DevOps solutions implementation using rates measurements and the presentation summing up Assessment,
  • clearly determine the areas of improvements on the basis of the current practices detailed analysis
  • create an individual plan of improvements taking processes, people and tools maximising a future success of investment into account