Deployment automation


It is a great pleasure to watch how the technical team works during a bolide entrance at a pit-stop during Formula 1 races. All runs like clockwork – a few seconds and the vehicle is ready for another stage of the race. Every activity is performed fast and very precisely at the same time, with the use of modern tools. The team’s qualifications are strengthened by a specialist equipment thanks to which it can do the work even better. Similarly in IT departments – work results can be much better if we equip specialists with proper tools, in particular, if it comes to small and very frequent corrections which when implemented manually can be a real time consumer.


piststop propozycja kompozycji

Applications used in organisations are more and more complex as a result of which they become a source of many challenges. A selection of proper components versions and their delivery to the specific installation places are not easy tasks, in particular, when business looks for more and more frequent updates. Implementations made in a manual way do not meet expectations not only in terms of completion time – they are prone to errors, becoming a critical area of the process. An increasing number of diverse environments and complex relations between them, not easy to detect causes that a simple idea in a form of engaging more persons in implementation processes does not suffice any more.


Deployment automation is not only technical automation of subsequent activities but also the decrease in the number of human mistakes in the whole process of production and software delivery. Proper management of environments and configurations is also needed as well as making access to each step of an implementation process. It is essential that the process is reliable and repetitive for the persons interested to use on their own in a controlled way. Constant access to information on the progress and implementation history guarantees safety, supported by a system of confirmations and notification proper generation.


Thanks to deployment automation we can relieve specialists of frequent, quite simple, repetitive tasks easy to be automated. Automated processes can replace arduous and time-consuming activities performed manually and creation of scripts individually for each process. We eliminate downtimes resulting from teams waiting for environments. At last specialists can engage in more demanding tasks in performance of which they can use their knowledge and experience. In addition, they gain new competence in the area of automation tools use which is gaining a wider circle of enthusiasts.


Automation of time-consuming and not error-free manual activities reduces stress related to continuous uncertainty in updates implementation. Full transparency of environments and implemented changes state and elimination of tasks which do not provide actual benefits not only increases satisfaction and work comfort. The activities mentioned are beneficial to all organisation in a form of:


  • making faster access to production software that is possible thanks to the whole implementation cycle automation,
  • a higher quality of solutions and greater stability due to a more frequent update implementation,
  • decreasing project risks due to automation of complex processes,
  • safety improvement and full control of implemented changes.